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Tips and Must do In Agri


*Watch the Sunrise or Sunset to witness the History of Masterpieces adjacent to each other , Ishak Pasha palace built 200 years ago and Dogubeyazit Castle 3000 years ago.

*Go and explore the mysterious ship of existing life after the noah’s flood on the hills of Mount Cudi.

*Discover the natural miracles in caves or climb( join a trekking trip ) to the Mount Ararat.

*Experience the extreme excitement of rafting in Murat river Surrounded by Steep canions

*You must go shopping in the passages of Dogubeyazit district . You can find either local or international shopping opportunities much more cheaper than the big cities.

*Especially in autumn, province turn into a cheese festival . Herbed cheese is the most famous cheese type produced in the area. Cheese and honey must be tasted and taken to your home.


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