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Located in the  Eastern Anatolia region to the southeast part of Sarıkamis district of Kars  city.


Sarikamis ski resort is situated over Camurlu mountain (2634 m high) and surrounded with the pine  trees . Sarikamis  has gained a big importance in terms of snow quality .




The best time for skiing  in Sarikamis is between December and March .

Thickness of the snow stays around  1.5 m in normal winter conditions.

A featured crystal-like snows which are only seen in the Alpine mountains are extremely suitable for skiing.


Ski area is located within the pine forests between the altitudes of 2100 -2634. Conditions of the Sarikamis ski resort allows Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing and Ski Touring.


A total of 12 kilometers  track between windows with 5 stages located in Cibiltepe with 2500 altitude has a spectacular natural beauty.


Sarikamis Ski Center has  2 chair lifts and  1 lift. In addition, 4 lifts are running in Cibiltepe area.


There are a variety of accommodation facilities available both in Sarikamis ski centre and in sarikamis district. You can find luxurious high quality ski resorts in the Region.


How to go Sarikamis ?


Sarikamis Ski centre is  60 km far from Kars city center , 40 km  Kars airport .It takes almost 90 minutes to drive from  Erzurum airport to the Sarikamis ski center.  Transportation to ski area can be done by individual cars and taxis from Kars city center.

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