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Palandoken has a huge  capacity  for a total of 32 thousand people daily skiers. It  is such a well equipped  ski centre where even  the international competitions and winter olympics can easily be arranged and  done.


Palandoken is the most popular ski resort of the Eastern Turkey . We can easily count the Palandoken  one of the top three ski resorts in Turkey. Palandoken offers unlimited skiing enjoyment with high altitude, high quality snow and the long winter.

 Skiing takes exactly six months from November until May. In normal winter conditions The thickness of the snow is around 3mth Height.  Due to climate conditions , during this period snow protects its peculiar powderlike snow quality.
Palandoken Ski Center has the highest altitude track in
Turkey with  3125-meter ski-run.  In addition it is possible to ski from an  altitude of 3125 meters to 2100 meters without any interruption or stop point.

No. 27 Ski-run  is one of the longest ski-run of Turkey with total eight kilometers length.


For the snowboard fans there is also untouched natural ski-runs available which can easily reached via chair lifts.


How to go Palandoken ?


One of the best  feature of Palandoken is the easy and short transportation facilities. After Getting the city centre via, bus, car or plane you can reach the ski – runs and hotels area just in 20 minutes.


Palandoken ski resort is just 13 km far away from Erzurum therefore even in toughest weather conditions road to Palandoken is always opened.


There are various skiing , snow boarding competitions and winter festivals are organized in Palandoken  therefore  Palandoken welcomes and host thousands of visitors and professionals from all around the world.

In addition, as well as  5-star hotels; daily ski houses,  restaurants are available in the area for accommodation and eating.

*ski equipment rental services and skiing instructions are available for the amateurs skiers.

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