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Kartalkaya which is one of Turkey's most popular ski resort located on the foothills of Koroglu mountain in the western Black Sea of Bolu province.  Kartalkaya  Ski Resort has very appropriate conditions for downhill skiing and alpine discipline skiing.

Kartalkaya Ski Center located on an area of 1850 - 2200 meters altitude. Kartalkaya region has a semi-temperate climate therefore surroundings of the ski centre are covered with pine forests. The dominant wind direction  is west - northwest.

Kartalkaya is one of the leading ski center in Turkey has suitable snow and skiing conditions from the beginning of December untill end of March . Sometimes Snow height can also reach to 3mt

Where is Kartalkaya 

Kartalkaya ski and snowboard center is in a distance of 38 km from Bolu city center and 28 km to Ankara-Istanbul highway.

 It is 200 km far both from Ankara and Istanbul city centres. It takes almost 3 hours to get to the to Kartalkaya both From Istanbul and ankara.

How to go Kartalkaya

Kartalkaya takes approximately 45 minutes from Bolu city center by car. Shuttle services of the hotels located in Kartalkaya are also running frequently from city centre. The road between Bolu and Kartalkaya is always cleaned and keep opened against icing and much snow. It is recommended to carry tyre chains before you go any ski resorts however if you forget to take one there are many shops available selling  the tyre chains  on the way to Kartalkaya.


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