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Amasra Cakraz

Cakraz in a distance of 20 km from the Bartin city center and 35 km from Amasra  district can be reached both by your individual car and  public minibuses which are running every 30 minutes between Amasra and Cakra .


Cakraz is an ideal holiday destination for the one who want to spend a relaxing and peacefull time together with comfort . Cakraz is a typical anatolian land which still protects and carry traditional structures .  Typical rest houses , local restaurants,  an oven cooking the traditional Trabzon bread made with corn flour , cafes , butchers , hairdressers will make you feel that you have been living in Cakraz for years.


Cakraz has a famous and worthseeing beach which is called as “Yali” ( waterside residence ) by local people. Watching the stunning sunset from the  Cakraz beach is recommended .


Cakraz is a beach integrated with the nature of the Black Sea  and still waiting to be discovered with it’s intact , pristine beach and crystal waters.


Karaman Cove

It is a lovely and small cove located between Cakraz beach and Bozkoyalti beach . Getting Karaman cove only possible by walking over the rocky cliffs near Cakra beach therefore it is dangerous to get this beautifull cove.

If you like climbing and resting in a place without many people Karaman cove is made for you.



 It is a cove 3 km far from the Cakraz. Akkonak is a great place for rock fishing fans.

There is a gateway called  “Delikli silte”.  There is a mytical belief  that people passing through this gateway , get cured from illnesses and has a  better life .


Emin Aga Lake

Lake was formed right after earthquake occured in 1968 therefore lake is also called as quake lake by locals. 

To get the lake you must walk almost an hour while there is no other way to reach by car. It is a  nice place to see for the sport and nature fans.




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23 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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jelena jankovic
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gift of nature to turkey
cakraz beach and around is a natural wonder with unique land shapes , green nature , lakes , pristine beaches and animal species.

23 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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errol barrnet
Message :
cakraz amasra
cakraz has a big potential to become he ideal tourist and holiday destination if the right invesments , developments and pr made by authorities .