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Amasra has a unique visual beauty with a cape ; stretched out towards the sea ,  a sheltered harbor surrounded  on both sides with bays ,  both islands and peninsulas make the Amasra a natural wonder .


 Amasra  is one of the worth seeing places with its  3000 years of history, charming  local arts, and  forested areas surrounding the area.


 Amasra more than a tourist destination is a place to escape from city life however there is still many medium sized hotels , family pensions and  authentic local fish restaurants are available in the city to make you feel at home.

 Recommended restaurants in Amasra Turkey

* Marti Balik restaurant               * Amasra liman Restaurant

*Amasra tuana resturant             * Mavi yesil Fish Restaurant


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vitas arbrytus
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amasra bartin
amasra liman restaurant is a perfect fish restaurant with its fresh fishes and specially prepared traditional salads like stuffed octopus , su boregi , sea beans etc.