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 Cesme Ilica

Ilica welcomes the visitors on the way from izmir to cesme direction. Ilica district is known as the  summer resort of  the rich people of Izmir with it`s  well planned streets , modern houses  and luxurious villas with pools.

Transportation and getting ilica district  was a bit longer before however   highway built between cesme and izmir now allows to people to go Izmir for business and turn back in the evening for dinner in Ilica.

Ilica was also quiet far from the Cesme town but the expansions ,  improvements , developments  and currently built structures, hotels,  resorts, houses now made even the ilica a central part of Cesme district.

Ilica differs from other parts of cesme with the longest sandy beaches and  chilling  sea breezes which especially afternoons refresh the visitors during the very hot summers .

Ilica is also famous with it is night life and restaurants.  Numerous night clubs and mainly very high quality fish restaurants attracts jet set from Izmir and Istanbul.

Recommended restaurants in cesme Ilica

Recommended night clubs in Ilica Cesme 

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21 Haziran Perşembe, 2012
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sonja krauss
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Luxus pur ist die Wohngegend in Cesme, hier sind die Reichen und schönen. :-)