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Day cruise ( Daily Boat trips )
As much as yacht charters and blue cruises , one day cruises are also very popular in Turkey. Day cruises known and promoted as Daily boat trips by the boat owners and sellers.
When you walk by the shores and marinas of touristic areas such as Bodrum , Fethiye, Marmaris , Antalya , Kusadasi , Didim etc.  you will see dozens of boats and gulets are anchored in line . In front of every each boat you will see a person standing behind a desk with a simple promotional handwrites and photos.
According to your interest to look of boat, you can easily approach to one of these sellers an get more information about designated route, prices and amenities offered.
Daily boat trips start around 9:00 – 10:00 a.m in the mornings and end up around 17:00 -18:00 in the evenings.
During the boat trip , near bays , coves and some special hidden areas are visited with given  some  spare time to enjoy in every stop.
What is included and not included in day cruises?
Only Lunch is included however any kind of soft and alcoholic drinks are not included and not allowed to brought to the boats whilst the boat trip prices are quiet cheap and only extra money the boat owners can  make are the extras from the drinks.
Day cruise boats are specially designed wooden boats mostly formed by 2 parts. 1st part is made with seating places and tables to eat and drink . 2nd part is like a terrace which is built over the 1st part for sunbathing. Sun lounges and cushions are lined up on the 2nd part of the boats.
How much is a daily bot trip per person ?
Prices of day cruises vary from 15 Euros to 40 Euros according to quality of boats and available facilities.
If you are in a group of friends or family you can bargain for the price and get a good discount in total amount.
What are the foods given in Boat trips ?
Only lunch is given in daily boat trips. When the prices are not very high in general ,
foods and menus given for the lunch are also not high in quality though  it is satisfying enough. Menu usually includes a grilled ready chicken pieces or meatballs , pasta and salads.
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Die Preise für die Yachten sind eigentlich sehr günstig in der Türkei, man sollte so eine Tour sich nicht entgehen lassen