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 Cabin charters

Blue  voyages and boat holidays  can be done with the rental of a cabins as well. Cabin charters are like a booking of a hotel room for temporary period.

Cabin charters are usually offered by standart gulets with basic facilities. Every each cabins of the gulet yachts have their own private shower and wc .

Cabins mostly designed for 2 people with available 2 beds or a double bed however in some specially designed yachts each cabins capacities can reach to 3 to 4 beds .

 Unlike the yacht charters cabin charters route are pre arranged by the travel agency and operators.

Cabin rentals let people to build good friendships , have pleasant conversations  and spend enjoyable moments during the cruise.

Cabin charters are cheaper and foods are included however while you do not know the people who you are going to share the yacht it is a bit risky as well. You can be disturbed if there is naughty , loudy and drinking people in the gulet.

Cabin charters are recommended more to  interactive and social people. 

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7 Mayıs Salı, 2013
Name and Surname:
Kenneth Egan
Message :
Turkey yacht charters
best bays best nature and best sail..

11 Ekim Perşembe, 2012
Name and Surname:
Eric Jacobs
Message :
Yacht charter experience
first time in my life but definetely not the last. This summer i rent a cabin alone from Turkey for a week. It was my best holiday ever. Beautifull surroundings, clear water, nice foods and meeting with lovely people from all around world and much more.