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Yacht charter prices and costs in Turkey

A private yacht charter in Turkey  is not as expensive as it is thought especially when yacht charters are booked by many people.

Prices of gulets and yachts are up to their quality and sizes together with the summer season and booking requests however generally prices vary from 450 € to 2000 € per day. Minimum bookings mostly made for a week.

How much would it cost a yacht charter per person ?

Let`s think of a gulet with 6 cabins ( 12 people)and 30 mt lenght which will roughly cost 7000 € for a week. If you are a group of 12 people , charter will only cost 7000 / 12 ; 585 € per person  a week.

What is the additional costs of yacht charters ; Yacht charters most of the times are offered without foods and drinks however upon requests of the guests food and bevarage option can be added with extra costs.

What is included and not included in yacht charters ?

Included ;

Crew , captain , cook chef

Fees for the anchored harbours

Fuel and fresh water

Towels , room cleaning , sheets , furnitures

Fishing , diving , motor sports equipments

Transit fees

Turkish taxes

Not  included ;

Foods and bevarages ( lunch , dinner , breakfasts even teas )

Soft drinks , alcoholic drinks

Insurances for travelling

Excursions on shores to historical places


What is the cost of a cabin charter per person ?

Cabin charters are relatively cheaper than the private yacht charters and breakfast , lunch , dinner and tea 

times are included to prices. Price range for cabin charters vary from 175 to 375 Euros.

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26 Haziran Salı, 2012
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john varter
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turkish yacht booking
booking a yacht in turkey is a very good option to travel indepently . you can enjoy the luxury , glamour and extreme fun in turkish yachts with good deals.

16 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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harrison delaware
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turkey yacht charters
having a private trip with very close friends and sightseing of unique nature can not be count with money. however turkish yachts and scooners are very best in quality which make every penny food balue of money.