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Traditional gulets are the original planned schooners which have been used for centuries on the  western and southern shores of Anatolia with the purpose of  fishing and transportation.

 The structure is completely adept . the bodies and the inner walls of th gulet yachts are usually built by handcrafted woods such as pine trees, chestnut and mahogany.

According to the needs of modern men ; gulets have been   re-designed in recent years in different sizes  with different standards and different passengers capacities.

 All gulet yachts have comfortable cabins, shower, wc, lounge, sunbathing areas.

Traditional Turkish Gulets are the  engine and sail-equipped specially designed wooden excursion boats used in the tours to  Mediterranean coasts with spectacular beauty.

 Decks of the gulets are planned and made based on the needs of daily life . Usually backside decks of boats used for dining and relaxation. The front deck is used for  a sun terrace.

Modern planned boats  while keeping the traditional designs today mostly designed with luxurious  equipment, accessories and wider area to provide a cozy , relaxing area.

Another feature of schooners (gulets) is  the structure of boat is completely adept and handmade.

Gulets which were built  by special woods  for centerius especially in the Bodrum, Bozburun, Marmaris and Fethiye districts  have become popular after the some famous Turkish writers and researchers used the boats in 1960s  to discover the beauty and history of the sea costs.

The intriguing journeys and writings of these famous artists , scientists , writers became a n inspiration source for today`s gulet charters.


For cruising of gulets  mainly motor power used. According to the plans,  boats are named as "mirror stern", "watermelon ass", "tirhandil" . Sailing equipments of the gullets are mainly used as auxiliary power.

Due to their rather heavy structures  it is only possible to sail in favorable weather and sea conditions. According to the size and plans, gulets are usually built with one or two masts. In contrast to a slight keel sailing boats used for sport.  Gullets keels are not very long in lengths therefore these features of the gulet yachts are very suitableto approach the shores and shallow waters and anchoring.

Today the gulets used for the blue voyages and charter cruises offer many different facilities with different sizes and luxurious.

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10 Kasım Cumartesi, 2012
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Pieter Niemeyer
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turkish yachts
Turkish wooden yachts are very cozy and comfortable. GUlets do not look as luxurious as super yachts though after getting in and spend some time in gulets you will not want to leave it.

23 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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susanne cornelia
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rent a boat in turkey
chartering a boat for a week and sailing to one of a kind ,pristine beaches and coves in Turkey together with high comfort schooner type yachts ( gulets) will make you live unforgettable memories