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Property prices in Turkey


The prices of the real estates in Turkey are  very volatile and changes  up to the type of house  , location , age of building ,  infastructure etc.


The property prices are more expensive in industrial and more populated cities like istanbul , Ankara , Izmir , Antalya , Adana , Bursa .


Especially in Istanbul prices of the houses has a wide range . You can either find  a small studio apartment from 30.000 € or a “Yali” waterside historical residence to  30.000.000 €.


Since a few years in Istanbul and many more big cities a new trend of structures which are called living centers have started to be built . These structures are a complex of  houses and apartments with high quality , comfortable living amenities such as , swimming pool , movie centers, sport areas , parks , kindergardens , sport centers and so on.


Prices of these apartments and houses are comparatively higher to similar samples. Estimate cost of the  apartments and villas  in Modern living centers varies from 110.000 € to 1500.000 €.


Average Square meter prices for the apartments in Istanbul is 1.600 Turkish lira in Izmir 1.200 Turkish Lira and in Ankara 980 Turkish liras.


So when you buy an apartment in size of 130 square meter from Istanbul would averagely cost 130* 1.600 = 208.000 Turkish liras ( 90.000 € )


Summer houses in Turkey are much  cheaper compared to similar type of houses sold in  european countries.  The reason for that is relatively less demand and cheaper extras for constructions.


People in Turkey who have summer houses just use these houses only for a few months during the summer times therefore  people do not want to pay too much money for the houses which used only for a few months however demand to summer houses are increasing year by year especially by foreigner who want to live in Turkey.


A typical summer house designed like a small villa  ( 1st floor ; a wide , spacious living room with an open kitchen , 2nd floor ; two or three rooms and 3rd roof floor with a room only. )


Summer houses and villas prices vary from 80.000 € to 500.000 € according to their features.


Eventually there are various types  of living buildings with a wide price range to any budget and any interests. Only thing you need to do is decide what you need and what you want.

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19 Haziran Salı, 2012
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bonnie bennet
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how much is it to rent an apartment in turkey
i am going to work in an international company in istanbul and i want to rent an apartment in turkey anyone can tell me how much is the average price to rent an apartment in istanbul.

9 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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natalie clyde
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buying villa in marmaris
marmaris is such a nice place to live however villa prices are crazy prices for an average villa are almost same in england . min. you are asked for a villa in marmaris is 100.000 £