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 Before you buy  a real estate in Turkey


There is must things should be checked  before you buy a real estate . Here is the check list for buying a property in Turkey;


* Decide why do you buy the property ( investment , living , renting etc. )

* Are you familiar enough with the Turkish Culture , Turkish people , living conditions  of Turkey etc.

* Where do you want to buy a property ? (  Touristic area “by the sea” ,  big city , rural area  etc. )

* Which type  of real estate you are going to purchase ( a land , villa , apartment , village house etc. )

* Do you have enough information about the average price of the real estate you would like to buy and enough knowledge about the living costs in Turkey

* Be sure you will not pay any extra tax or money for the house in the future .

* Check if all government related document and paper works are  hundred percent compatible with the laws and regulations

* Try to buy a currently build property as the average age for a strong building is 50 years.

* While being as a foreigner in Turkey try to find a reliable real estate agency and good lawyer to help you in any  moment of purchasing .

* Try to learn some about the people in neighbourhood ( Their nationalities , age , number of children ,  living styles etc. )

* Count and think about  how much you will also spend for the furnitures and home goods .


This list can be extended according to people’s interest .


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5 Eylül Çarşamba, 2012
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james Bowden
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Fethiye House prices
Prices for houses and apartments in Fethiye is decreasing day by day as the demand for the houses not as strong as previous years therefore home owners are trying to sell the homes with cheaper prices before the season ends. It is recommended to buy a house from Fethiye at least for an investment.

9 Temmuz Pazartesi, 2012
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dora karting
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cost of a house in turkey?
turkey is a real estate paradise country. numerous of houses with extreme architecture amd comfort can be bought with half price compared to usa and gbr .

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