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Turkish tea

Turkish tea is a kind of black tea only growns up in Rize town and around in Black sea region of Turkey.


Turkish tea is a strong  tea compared to English and many other similar teas prepared from Black tea species. Tea is called as Çay in Turkish language.


Turkish tea is a drink which is used and served anywhere any time in Turkey. Cay is also the greatest hosting , welcoming , meeting  drink. Wherever you go and sit you will be able to see someone drinking tea.


Almost 95 percent of the cafes in Turkey unlike the other countries do not serve alcoholic beverages therefore only soft drinks and especially Turkish tea massively consumed in cafes as well.It   is also an  indispensable drink  for the typical Turkish  breakfasts.


The way of drinking the Turkish tea is like a ceremony . If you are not used to see it you will be surprised and interested in.


Tea served in a both tulip and woman shaped glass which is called  ince belli bardak meaning ( slim waisted glass ). The bitterness or mildness  of the tea  depends on the water which is added to dilute brewed tea leaves.


The best and most interesting part of drinking ceremony of Tea is the mixing cube sugars with tea spoons. When stirring  the sugar , tea spoons hitting  the sides of ince belli glass creates harmonious pitched and strong sounds together. If  two or more people stirs their teas at the same time sounds become more intense and interesting. To complete the tea drinking ceremony you must hold the tea glass from top with your thumb and forefinger then you can finish drinking.


Today Turkey has an important place in the massive production and consumption of tea All over the world.


Due to the strong taste of the typical Turkish tea Apple tea which is also very popular tea in Turkey especially offered in Touristic places for the foreign visitors and sometimes inaccurately  known   by foreigners as  a Real turkish tea.


How to make a Turkish tea  ? where  to buy a good quality Turkish tea ?


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