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Kefir, is a sour , foamy ,yoghurtlike  fermented milk made with the grains of Kefir .

Kefir was used to produced in the Caucasus centuries ago and today Kefir mostly produced for commercial use all over the world.


Kefir grains are a mixture  of  bacterias and the combination of yeasts. This mixture forms the kefir grains which are very similar in shape to cauliflower. Kefir grains are like a cauliflower model which is  very reduced in scale.


Kefir is also easy to be prepared and produced at home the only you thing you need to do finding the kefir grains. It is not produced by the facilities we have at home. You can find kefir grains from dairy products sellers or friends already using kefir grains to drink Kefir drink.


How to prepare kefir ?

Leave the kefir grains in a Pastorized milk for 24 hours in the average temperature of 24 Centigrades. After a day later purify the drink via a strainer and leave the seperated kefir grains for the next drink. (*Kefir grains grown during fermentation)

It is recommended to drink Kefir as cold  as possible.


First time when you try to drink kefir most likely you will not  like the sour and spoiledlike taste of it however if you push yourself to finish a glass and keep drinking . Kefir will be yone of your favourite drink.


Kefir is a magical naural  nutrition and drink helps to keep you as healthy as possible ,


Benefits of drinking Kefir


 * The globalization of the intestine prevents substances

 * Provides energy to the brain and helps the mental development

 *Kefir has  protective features against cancer and cancer-retardant effects

 * Resolves  high blood pressure

 * Lowers cholesterol

 * Kefir resolves hardening of the arteries

 * It prevents bone resorption

 * Reduces bronchitis and asthma attacks

 * Corrects anemia and blood disorder

 * Increases the resistance against microbial infections

 * Useful in eczema and allergies

 * Kefir is used to treat urinary tract infections

 * It dilutes the urine

 * Used to treat liver dysfunction

 * Facilitates digestion by increasing stomach and intestinal secretions

 * Speeds up bowel movements

 * It is good for stomach and intestinal discomfort



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Kefir in Antalya
How can I find Kefir in Antalya?

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Turkish Drinks
Kefir is not originaly a Turkish drink however recently it has started to be consumed in vast amounts since people learned its benefits.