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Salep (Sahlep)


Salep is a kind of drink produced from the underground tubers of orchids species. Sahlep is a vegetable with thin long roots.  2 tubers are attached to roots are the most important part of the plant .


Tubers of the Orchid plant  collected when they are grown enough then tubers  left to get dried . When the drying process is done rendering into powder and dust is made to finish the pulverizing process.


Powder of sahlep mostly mixed with the hot milk with sugar and servec with puulverized cinnamon over  salep.


Salep has a  concentrated liquidity leaves a strong taste in your tongue and mouth. Drinking sahlep in cold weathers will heat your body.

Salep is a very widely used soft drink in all around Turkey. You can ask and order a sahlep from any cafe or cay bahcesi ( tea garden ).

Benefits of Sahlep to Body ;


  *Softens the breast.

  *Useful in cough and bronchitis.

  *It cures constipation.

  *Increases the power of the mind.

  *Strengthenes the heart.

  *Ensures a regular menstrual bleeding.

  *Helps reducing intestinal worms.

  *Warms the body.

  *Increases sexual power.


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24 Kasım Cumartesi, 2012
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salep is an exceptional Turkish drink
Salep is the best hot drink to have in cold winters. Frankly i never had any information about sahlep untill my turkish friend prepared it for me. it heats all your body and rejuvenates you. The taste of salep is a bit sweety and if you do not like too much sweet like me iiwill recommend it to drink separetely with warm mineral water.