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Salgam suyu ( salgam juice )

Salgam(Brassica rape) which is a  turnip like vegetable  used to produce salgam juice . Salgam juice has a red coloured , blurred looking and a bit sour taste.  There are hot and normal versions of salgam juice are available.

Salgam is fermented with turnip and dark carrots for ten to fifteen days in a big  barrels  . It is also possible to produce your own salgam juice at home.

Salgam juice also known as turnip juice by the foreigners

Benefits of salgam  (juice turnip juice)

·         It is appetizing

·         Contains lactic acid, facilitates digestion.

·         B group vitamins, calms the nerves.

·         Contains Calcium, potassium and iron, strengthens bones and teeth.

·         Salgam juice has afrodisiak effects

·         The turnips have 20 calories in 100 grams, contains vitamin A-B-C  which is useful  for the heart, blood vessels  and  eye health.

·         Salgam is used to throw the toxins of body, cholesterol and stress

·         Turnip, which is very rich in sugar and vitamins contains ; arsenic, calcium and mineral salts. Therefore salgam is an ideal drug for anemia

Salgam usually drunk with Raki and Kebabs.

It is told that drinking salgam together with raki decreases the effects of alchohol to body so you hardly get drunk with Salgam juice.

Salgam is indispensable drink while eating kebabs . salgam together with kebab is like  a ketchup with macaroni .

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