Boza is a soft drink  produced  by millet, semolina ,sugar  and water.

Boza contains four types of A and B vitamins together with C and E vitamins. During the fermentation Boza produces lactic acid. This lactic acid is a very valuable  and rarely found in the foods have  a facilitating effect  for digestion.

Boza also has a feature to increase the mother milks therefore boza recommended to pregnant womens and atheletes as a rich vitamin source.

Boza is also extremely effective in the treatment of cholera.

The protection conditions  of Boza drink is very important as it is a fermented drink with the living bacterias . Boza drink served with special bottles which keeps the fermantation in the drink.  Therefore boza should be drunk as soon as possible after getting bottled.

Boza, is usually consumed during the winter months. Boza season is from  September 15 to May 15.

Boza  was a popular drink especially during the Ottoman empire. It is known that thousands of boza shops were found in Istanbul and in many other turkish towns. It is also used to be sold on streets in cold winter times by the people who were walking among the houses and shouting  the Bozaa . It was such a nice tradition which is almost ended today.  

Today,  Boza is only found in some special shops and in some hyper markets.

It is nice to drink Boza especially with desserts.It is also recommended to eat leblebi (A kind of snack made from roasted chickpeas )

How to make boza ? A recipe to prepare boza at home .

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5 Ocak Cumartesi, 2013
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Mary Karinna hall
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Bulgarian Boza
To be honest Boza made in bulgaria is the best boza i have ever tried in the world. Turkish Boza is also tasty but not my favorite.