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Ayran is a beverage  prepared by adding water into yoghurt  with salt . Ayran is one of the most popular  and common soft drink belonging the Turkish cuisine and drinks. Ayran is also very much used in Asian countries and Eastern europe . Natural sheep yoghurt with high fat is the best yoghurt to make a very tasty Ayran.

 Ayran is a very healthy and delicious soft drink used in anytime both with  in meals or without meals.   Salty ayran also used as a tension balancer in summer times .

Susurluk ayrani ; Susurluk ayrani is a kind of ayran specially made with different methods . Foam of the fat from yoghurt stands on the top of the glass gives a special taste to ayran.

 Susurluk is a  district of Balikesir gained a fame with its restaurants serving  specially prepared Ayran and toast. Susurluk located on a very busy road between Istanbul and izmir  therefore almost every car passing by Susurluk stops there to taste this famous tastes.

Ayran is also recommended to be drunk together with kebabs ,and grilled meats. 

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6 Temmuz Cuma, 2012
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janet layton
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turkish drinks
Ayran is the best drink ever . It is both healthy and tasty.

23 Mayıs Çarşamba, 2012
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salay atak
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healthy Turkish drinks
I am 71 years old and i never used Coke , fanta or sprite kind of drinks. If you want to have a healthy long life keep drinking , milk , Ayran , Boza , Serbet etc.