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 Flights and Airlines in Turkey

 Airway transportation has been getting more and more popular every each day in Turkey. The competition among the airline companies  , promotions , developing and currently opened airports ,  cheap prices of the flights ( ticket fares ) , safety , service , speed and fast accesibility  , regular frequent flights make the airway transportation as popular as the bus travelling in Turkey.

 The only disadvantage of the Flights ; are the airports which usually located quiet far from the city centres with  hardly accesing facilities.

 The best way to get any airport is the extra paid shuttle services which are called (HAVAS ) .


Turkey is  a quiet big country in view of both land and population . Flights can take over 2 hours according to distance between the destinations . If you flight from Istanbul to Eastern or Southeastern cities of Turkey ( Van , Gaziantep , Diyarbakir etc. ) your flight time usually will be over 2 hours which means these citites are in a same distance to many European countries such as  Germany , Italy , Austria etc.


Istanbul , Ankara , Izmir and Antalya has the biggest airports of  Turkey with regular and frequent flights available both domestic and International.


Prices of the domestic flights in Turkey are cheaper compared to international flights as the companies  do not pay extra money for anything in domestic flights.

Prices are arranged according to the airlines company itself and service quality.

 The most biggest and popular airlines in domestic flights is Turkish Airlines however prices are almost 40% -70% percent more expensive than the other companies available.

 Pegasus Airlines , Onur Air , Sun express , Atlas jet and Anadolu Jet are the other airline companies having regular flights mostly in Turkey.


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flights to dalaman
dalaman airport located just very close to Fethiye is a very busy airport in summers both domestic and international terminals. Charters of tour operators and regular flights of mostly Turkish airlines , pegasus airlines and onur air are available from istanbul to dalaman

27 Mayıs Pazar, 2012
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robert maxwell
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pegasus airlines flights
Pegasus has regular flights from Dalaman airport to Istanbul but the planes land on the Sabiha gokcen airport. So be carefull before you buy your ticket.