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Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques (World Confederation of Underwater Activities)


CMAS opened to everyone without any religious, political, racial, social  discrimination in sporting, technical, scientific, medical or any natural, cultural activities. CMAS is an independent and nonprofit organization . CMAS dedicated to the development of underwater activities and dedicated to the coordination of diving education all over the world. CMAS revenue is transferred to the UNESCO and the World Olympic Committee.



Turkey Underwater Sports, Life saving, Water Skiing Federation (TSSF)  is the  official representative of  CMAS in Turkey.


 TSSF the Federation was established on January 8, 1980. The goal of federations is to develop underwater sports, athletes, referees, divers and instructors based on the world classifications and quality . Federation is also works and  endevour  to receive the events organized by the CMAS  to be made in Turkey.


CMAS courses are worldwide accepted and classified according to level of the divers , here is the list of CMAS courses ;



CMAS 1 STAR (*)  - 1 star diver


CMAS 2 STARS (**)- 2 star diver


CMAS 3 STARS (***)- 3 star diver



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