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 Hagia Sophia

Currently being used as a museum, Hagia Sophia Church in Trabzon was built by one of the kings of Trabzon Empire Manuel Komnenos (1238-1263) . Name of the Hagia Sophia means "Holy Wisdom" .

After the conquest of Trabzon by Fatih Sultan Mehmet church was converted to a mosque.

During the first world war building used as a warehouse and later hospital eventualy it was used as mosque before.   Between the years 1958-1962 in collaboration with the Directorate General of Foundations and the University of Edinburgh  hagia sophia church have been restored and  converted to a museum for the visitors.

This building is one of the finest examples of late Byzantine churches with a  closed arm cross plan.

 A  single-headed eagle motif which is a symbol of Komnenos stands on the keystone of the arch on the southern front.  A similar depiction of an eagle  is located out of the main apse the eastern side. On this front, Centaurus griffin, pigeons depictions, square panels with the star and crescent , floral motiffed medallions are found.

Under the main dome of the building a very colorful  mosaic of made of marble can be seen.

Frescos which take a big part of the decorations in the church mostly contains issues and scenes from the bible.

On the main dome jesus the Pantacrator depiction which reflects the divine aspect of Jesus christ is available.

Under this main depiction , inscriptions and freezes of angels and among the windows twelve disciples figures were  depicted.

Different compositions are found on Pendentives. Birth of jesus christ, baptism, crucifixion, Day of Resurrection scenes are depicted.

Portraits in medallions on the circular arches of the back of the building are included. Over the Vaults of the building religious scenes from bible can be seen.

How much is the entrance fee to Hagia Sophia  Museum ?

Entrance fee to visit Hagia Sophia church in Trabzon is                 5 TL        

 Hagia Sophia  Museum can be visited and opened every day from   09:00 17:00

How to go trabzon Hagia Sophia  Museum ?

Adres  :       Fatih Mah.Ayasofya Sok. Merkez

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