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Tekirdag came on the scene of history with the name of Rhaedestus during thelate Roman period. It was known by the name Rodosto in byzantine period . When  Ottomans  captured the castle of the region from the byzantine empire region started to called as rodhoschuk.

Area was called as rodoschuk untill 18th. Century yet laters city started to be  named as tekfurdagi ( meaning the mountain of tekfurs  ( tekfurs mean  , a Christian ruler of a town or locality (in Anatolia or Rumelia) whilst the castle was captured from the byzantine tekfurs.

Region  announced legally to be a Province  of Turkey in 1927 and named Tekirdag.

Tekirdag is one of the three provinces located both in northwestern Turkey near the Marmara Sea in and in  Thrace , Tekirdag has a surface area 6313 km2.

Tekirdag is a very well known city of Turkey with worldwide famous Turkish raki and very much delicious specially prepared and cooked Tekirdag koftesi , (meatballs).

City is also getting popular with suitable weather and geographical conditions for paragliding , from the peak of ganos mountain jumps are performed trough marmara sea direction in a very safe manner. There is also an international paragliding  festival held  in Tekirdag every year.

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meatballs and raki
tekirdag is a popular city of turkey with specially prepared delicious tekirdag meatballs and national turkish drink raki is produced in tekirdag. drinking raki with a delicious tekirdag koftesi (meatballs) is a great joy for your stomach.