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Afyon Castle


 Fortress  situated over  226 mt high of volcanic rock.  It was used by Hittite empire in BC 1350 as fortified castle during the attack against Arzava city . Castle was named as Hapanuva in time and Akroenos in Roman and Byzantine periods and karahisar in Seljuks period.


On the top of the castle culture marks belonging the Phrygians from 1200 – 700 B.C can be seen. In the castle many places dedicated to mother goddesses Kybele and used for worshipping and 4 big cisterns are found. Defending walls of castle was rebuilt during the Seljuks period and a  palace together with a small prayer room was built in the castle.


Ottoman Sultan Selim II got repaired  and restorated the bastions , cisterns  and tower of castle in 1573.


Climbing to the top of afyon castle takes  around 30 minutes however view over a 200 mt height is stunning.

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jean marie
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castles in Turkey
castles in Turkey are very interesting background and architechtural styles. afyon castle is one of these interesting castle with the peak its built and date its built