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 Hudai Thermal Tourism Center

Located in  Aegean region is in a distance  7 km to Sandikli District 7 km and 66 km to Afyon.

The water temperature is 80-85°C degrees. People come to this natural healing center for their  Rheumatic diseases, pain syndromes, diseases of the heart and blood circulation, joint-calcification problems, nerve and muscle fatigue, nervous disorders, gynecological diseases .

There are two very comprehensive center found in the area ; the one Hudai thermal resort which operated by the local govern  of sandikli  and  Newly opened a 5-star hotel called  Thermal Park Hotel. Temperature of water  coming out from cracks of geological sources is  80-85 ° C.

The  radioactivity of the water is between 8 and 72 eman includes Sodium bicarbonate and  sulfate. In terms of radioactivity hudai natural hot waters are the leader among any other natural sources.

Sandikli and area have Announced their  name and became famous with  the medicinal muds and mud baths.

A mud in 40-45 ° C occurs when  Soil is mixed with water of 68 ° C . Staying time  in the mud bath  is usually 6-7 minutes . 1 entrance to these mud baths  every each day will be enough and more effective for healing.

Water Bath: used to treat rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, skin diseases, bone and calcification disorders, respiratory diseases, paralysis, sequelae of fracture dislocation, hemiploji, the treatment of heart and vascular diseases,

Mud Bath: used to treat Rheumatic diseases, treatment of disorders of bone and calcification.

Icmeler: used to treat digestive system diseases and respiratory diseases.

Hudai Hot Springs serves as holiday village all year round to  people who are looking for healing.


Spa hotel has  132 rooms, 264 beds, and the hotel 34 rooms, 68 beds, 715 beds . there is also villas available  with 143 apartments .

3 large swimming pool, spa facilities, 2 outdoor large swimming pool, 600 people / hour capacity, mud cure bath, 2 sulfur baths, three pieces of steel, pool, 3.

camping  is also possible in summer seasons.

How to go hudai thermal resort ;

Transportation is not the problem go to the spa as buses comes every 15 minutes from the center of town Sandikli

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i have been suffering from backpains for years untill i got cured and rehabilitated from the natural springs of afyon.