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 Gazligol Thermal Tourism Center and Spa

It is located on 22nd km of Afyon-Eskisehir highway and railway routes.

Water temperature: 40-71 degrees. Water has healing effects against ,Rheumatic,  heart and circulatory system, kidney and urinary tract, liver, gall bladder, digestive system, metabolism disorders, arthritis and diseases of the skin .

Healing  properties applied in 2 different forms.

Treatment of Drinking
2- Bath Treatment

Treatment of Drinking:  healing water,  used as drinking water from Hot Springs is a water with sodium bicarbonate . Drinking this water warm is recommended  to heal and cure  painful case of kidney disease and spasmatic pains of  stomach , liver, gall ladder and intestines.

Bath Treatment:

Recommended to Rheumatism,neuralgia, neuritis, arthritis, skin diseases and  gynecological diseases.

Treatment Facilities: Currently 5 public pool with baths , 4 ​​duplex villa with pool and 16  double rooms with bath-type bath units are available in the spa center.

One of the public  hamams with pool is  containing a  drinking water with healing effects , and the other one is called the hamam for skin has a special resource water .

In these two hamams both drilling water and natural drinking water with healing effects found and treatmend made by drinking warm water and getting in pools.

In the  other 3 hamams only the drilling water is available yet natural drinking waters are also supplied upon requests.

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7 Haziran Perşembe, 2012
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edmund terence
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gazligol termal
i had a permanent back pain for years yet after i discovered the magic place gazligol with the recommendation of my Turkish friend i got cured and healed. I never thought i would be healed and be as healthy as before though gazligol termal afyon with its natural waters and comfort had left no pain on me. If you are suffering from back pain go to gazligol without loosing any second.