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Porsuk creek is a part of Sakarya river which is one of the longest river of Turkey passes through the eskisehir city centre . The city centre divided by porsuk creek called as “Adalar “. Adalar is a very popular place with   many cafes and restaurants by the river and also  available bars in narrow streets behind main street. Life is always on in Adalar. Both summer and winter have different attractions.  The porsuk creek’s surface freezes up with temperatures minus – 5 to 15  create a picturesque view with snows collected on the surface. Vice versa summer times are so busy with gondolas and boats shuttling in  porsuk river. Gondoles , ducks and birds swimming over porsuk river resembles a piece from Venice Italy.


How much are the gondole tours  ?


One gondoles can be rent for 15 Tl by 3-4 people so price for per person equals to 4 Tl . A gondole trip take  15 to 20 minutes. Boat trips are much more reasonable compared to Gondoles and it is just 1.5 Tl per person. Gondoles are available all day long and boats are working from 13:00 untill 20:00 . Besides a private tour can be taken between 10:00 and 13:00 by paying 3 Tl for each person.


What to do in Adalar ?


There are many cafes and bars are available for any kind of interest.  Cafes mostly designed to be a very cozy and simple because of the  students who are mostly the customers of the bars and cafes.


Where to eat ?


Burger King , just by Porsuk river is a good alternative for a quick meal. Saglik pide located inner part of Adalar also offers wonderfull Turkish foods and a rich breakfast.

Varuna gezgin and  Hera cafes are also the good alternatives for eat and drink.



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30 Ağustos Cuma, 2013
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billy kurtiz
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eskisehir adalar
the creek flowing from the heart of the town is an great value for the town and copper swert statues by side of porsuk creek give chance for wonderfull photos

26 Aralık Çarşamba, 2012
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Cahan Bodur
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Adalar eskisehir
Adalar is the loveliest and most dynamic spot of Eskisehir.