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Haller youth center ( Haller genclik merkezi )


Haller Youth Center is a cultural-arts center created with the restoration of "Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market Hall” located in Eskisehir .


 "Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market Hall" was about the collapsed due to the bad image created for the city as it is not used and got very old for years however without getting so far from the shopping malls and city centrum it was restored by the support of local governors .


Mainly wood, wrought iron and natural stones  are dominant in the structure . The architecture of the Haller building inspired by  London (England) 'Covent Garden' and in Hamburg’s (Germany), flower market hall.


Where the haller  youth center is located ?


It is just around 100 mt far from the Espark shopping mall just next to railway .


What can i do in Haller Youth center ?


Live musics ( traditional turkish musics , modern , folk musics ) are performed  few times in a week. A theater centre , jewellery , handmade arts , souvenirs , shops and cafes serving foods, drinks and nargiles are  also available in the Haller .


* Free wireless connection is also supplied by the youth centre during your stay.






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eskisehir haller
every fridays and tuesdays a group singing live fasil music with traditional instruments take part on stage of Haller genclik merkezi