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 Odunpazari , houses today is one of the most important and known symbol of eskisehir city is a must place to see during you stay in Eskisehir.

Odunpazarı Houses are the historical houses from Ottoman period , forming the first settlement in Eskisehir Odunpazari district .

 Architectural features and patterns in the area and houses are very similar to Safranbolu , beypazari and Goynuk houses.

 'Odunpazari district built on hills  in the southern part of the Eskisehir city .

 According to a legend ; the first  people who thought of settling  in Eskisehir hung sheep livers to  Odunpazari and  porsuk creek areas. According to longest time where the liver  stays and keeps intact people would settle that area. The liver hung over odunpazari district decoyed comperatively late to porsuk creek area and becomes the area for the first settlements.

City have been  reached the present day with  protecting the whole Ottoman examples , curved roads, dead end streets , balconied houses with timber decorations , traditions and customs.

Odunpazari houses settled and structured in 2 different types;

The first type houses entrances are on the streets and gardens are located at backside of the houses.

The second type of houses gardens are at front of street and houses located in the middle of garden with 2 or 3 floors.

Houses usually consist of a sofa and the rooms around  . Ground floor usually used as , kitchen, warehouse in Multi-storey floors  and  life goes  on floors above or only at the top floor.

Corner room with windows available on both sides are larger and more important than the other rooms.

Since 2006 many old Ottoman style houses have been renovated and  increased the popularity of the area in view of tourism .  people who deserted their houses in time started to come back and open new shops and restaurants in the area.

Houses are painted with attractive and distinctive colours make a nice harmony of the colours  and create great views to take nice photos.

A contemporary Glass Art Museum is also  located in the Odunpazari can be visited to see interesting glass examples.


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17 Ocak Perşembe, 2013
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Patricia Bonaldi
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odunpazari, Eskisehir
i have seen the pictures of these colourul houses in the brochures of eskisehir city guide and today i went to see those sweet houses with my bare eyes. The view and walking in the narrow streets among the riof of colours were an amazing feeeling. i had never thought eskisehir could have so lovely and authentic touristic sight to see. i also visited peacefull kursunlu mosque after a short walk up to the slope, meerschaum museum located behind the mosque was very much interesting with the handmad

7 Mayıs Pazartesi, 2012
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odunpazari eskisehir
eskisehir is the best place to live in Turkey.