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Highway: Eskisehir province has an important position in the transportation system of Turkey. Eskisehir is an important stopover on the roads that link the South Marmara and Western Anatolia to  Ankara and  Istanbul to middle  Anatolia part.


 The main road connection of Eskisehir is the road in direction  of Eskisehir-Istanbul-Ankara .

As eskisehir is a popular province for students  who are coming from all around of Turkey , transportation net is very well improved and easily can be reached from any point of Turkey.

Anadolu bus company is the most well known and biggest company of Eskisehir having regular buses available to many other provinces of Turkey. Besides Anadolu transportation company , Kamil Koc , Metro , Varan , Ulusoy are the other important bus companies you can use to reach eskisehir.


 Railway:  Eskisehir located in the most important junction points of the country's rail system. Eskisehir  linked to all Anatolia  Ankara by railway. The distance between the center of Eskisehir-Ankara  railway stations is 264 km., Eskisehir-Haydarpasa 375 km., Eskisehir-Afyon 162 km.


 The length of railways in the province is 215 km.  Eskisehir railway is  in a  key position to express and mail trains in many directions.


Airport : A public airport and public flights are not available in Eskisehir province though a very big military aviation base is found in the city. So when you get in the city you will be hearing the strong and loud sounds of jets flying above the city.

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