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Topkapi palace one of the must place to visit in Istanbul. Topkapi today is the most visited museum in Istanbul and all around Turkey.

The  date about the building uncertain however many document shows that the palace was most likely built 1460s . Topkapi palace is not designed on a defined plan it has been formed in years with additions according to needs of the dynasty.


The spirit of ottoman empire lives in this magnificent structure.  Hagia sophia located across the topkapi palace . Hagia eriene and fountain of sultan ahmet thirds are located in the first courtyard of topkapi palace.

Topkapi palace having 7 different gates cover an area of 700.000 m2. A small part of palace garden included in the borders of Gulhane park and Sepetciler kasri which is located by sea also a structure from the Topkapi palace.

Topkapı palace was used by the Ottoman dynasty untill 1856 from 1460s ( almsot 400 years) . Today rooms of the palace are used as the exhibition halls .


What to see in topkapi palace ? how to visit topkapi palace?


Upon the entrance to the topkapi palace the first structure greeting you will be the fountain of Sultan ahmet the 3rd.

Sultan ahmet fountain is the most impressive fountain of Istanbul and probably the world.

You will be in the first courtyard by passing through  the entrance gate of the topkapi palace which is Bab-i humayun ( gate of the dynasty ) . Hagia Eriene church which built by constantin the great in 537 stands here. Besides the church old head quarter of the palace which is turned in to restaurant today can be visited to have a coffee break.


The second gate ( salutation gate ) takes you to the second courtyard and divan square. In this part you can see the tower of justice ( adalet sarayi ) built by the Sultan mehmet . Harem which is the key point of curiosity and attractions for tourists and foreigners can be visite by paying an extra fee in this court. Treasury building of Suleyman the magnificent , imperial council building are ther other buildings to see in the divan square.


The third gate , gate of felicity ( Babu saadet ) is the entrance to third courtyard where you can see the most precious artifacts , relics , goods  together with  chamber of the holy relics. Library of sultan ahmet the 3rd is also other place to visit in this section of topkapi palace.


The fourth courtyard ( sofa-i humayun ) most like a living place of the family members of ottoman dynasty. Kiosks , terraces , gardens can be visited in this part. The most stunning and fascinating view of istanbul can be seen from this courtyard so get ready your cameras to capture great panoramic pictures.


Dördüncü Avlu'da sarayın bahçesi ve köşkler yer alıyor. İstanbul'un en güzel silüeti ve manzarası bu avludan gözüken manzara.

Mecidiye kiosk , sofa mosque , hekimbasi tower , room of circumcision , marble terrace and Baghdat kiosk  are the place to see in this part.


Recommended restaurant in topkapi ;


If you get tired and hungry after an amazing tour in history and glory a restaurant called Konyali is offering unique tastes from the turkish ottoman  cuisine is situated in the garden of topkapi palace recommended to go and try.

Topkapi palace wow

A hotel  in antalya city , having the design and sections of original topkapi palace is both promoting the history of Turkey and giving a  five star service to it’s visitors


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6 Aralık Perşembe, 2012
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Wendy Wang
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istanbul topkapi visit info
** important point** for the visitors of topkapi museum that has to know is visiting the Harem section is extra fee: 15 tl and takes almost 30-40 minutes.

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Geoffrey Shenk
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Topkapi istanbul
topkapi palace/museum is a splendid place where you will be astonished in every step and every look.