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 Bosphorus bridge

 Bosphorus bridge  is one of the bridge together with fatih sultan mehmet bridge located  over the Istanbul strait which connecting the black sea and marmara seas.

The pile of bridge in european side of istanbul abutted the ortakoy and the one in asia side abutted over beylerbeyi districts.

Bosphorus bridge also known by inhabitants of istanbul as the first bridge referring to being  first built bridge of the istanbul strait. Together with sultan fatih mehmet bridge and ferries, bosphorus bridge are the main  transportation facilities of istanbul city.

Bridge was built in 1973 .  the bosphorus bridge was the 4th longest suspended  all around world in 1973 however today it is in the 18th position of among the longest suspended bridges.

The idea of connecting and providing an easy transition between asia and europe parts  have been an important issue for centuries.

The first transition over the strait of istanbul was done  by persian king darius and his army as all the ships lined one another from one point to another point of bosphorus.

Many projects and ideas were created in time to build a bridge however they couldn`t achieve to be more than being a project and idea. 

Fast developing city and increasing traffic in istanbul caused to bosphorus bridge built. Bosphorus bridge was built by an english , german  concortium in 1973.

Bosphorus bridge whilst connecting the Asia and European parts is a very important spot in the transportation network of Turkey .

The bosphorus bridge and other transportation facilities in istanbul  is hardly enough  whilst the population and traffic jam  increasing very fast so today it is planned  ybthe government to build the third bridge over istanbul strait to facilitate the traffic jam and transitions.

When the daily number pass was 32 thousands in 1970s today number is around 400.000 thousands.

Istanbul Avrasya Maratonu International istanbul eurasia marathon

International marathon which has been organizing since 1979 . Besides professional runners and their racetrack , transition by walk from one continent  to another continent became  a tradition among Turkish people . thousands of people passing the bridge by walk or run forms very colourfull and joyfull scenes.

33 rd Intercontinental İstanbul Eurasia Marathon  will be organized in 2012.

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istanbul bosphorus
to pass the istanbul bosphorus bridge you must pay a toll fee which is 4.25 Tl (2 euros). Toll fee for the buses are 26 Turkish Lira (12 Euros )

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istanbul bridge
istanbul bridge connecting two big continents was looking glorious with colorfull illumination during christmas time..