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 Kiz kulesi

Kiz kulesi meaning maiden`s tower in English located on a very small islet  which is near Istanbul bosphorous , out sights of the salacak land district.

Kiz kulesi  which has become the symbol  of  uskudar district is only the one byzantine structure situated in uskudar district.  Some of the european historians callt he kizkulesi as the tower of Leander.

The foundations and many parts of the first floor can be seen current day was built in the reign of Ottomans sultan mehmet.  A tughra (a calligraphic signature of an ottoman sultan (and some other rules to the moder) drawed for the name of Ottoman Sultan Mahmut the second  who had given the latest view of the tower  can be seen on a marble board over the kiz kulesi.  First structure made over the island was a mausoleum from the ancient Greece. Later in the Byzantine period mousoleum was turned in and used as customshouse.  Kizkulesi used for many different aims however tower was always a guide for the seamen with it`s blinking light house.

Kiz kulesi was restorated and renovated in 2000 to serve humanity in a different way by serving and looking after their hungriness.

Kiz kulesi restaurant ;

Kiz kulesi  restaurant also took part with it`s latest view in the movies of James bond . Restaurant was formed by 5 floors ; You can listen live turkish music and eat a fixed menu arranged in advance . Rest of the higher floors of the tower allocated for the souvenir sales. The highest part of the tower has an amazing panaromic view of Istanbul is opened for the visitors in return for a reasonable fee.

Day time you can visit the Kiz kulesi just to drink something. Self served Fast food menus are also offered to the guest`s of the restaurant

How to get Kiz kulesi  (maiden`s tower) ;

Boatr are available between Uskudar , Salacak and Kabatas can be taken to go Kiz kulesi.

Uskudar – Salacak boats are available ; 12:15-19:00  weekdays , 09:00-19:00 weekends and 20.15-01:30 every evening.


Boats from Kabatas available to Kizkulesi ;  12:00-18:00 weekdays , 09:00-18:00 weekends and 20:00-21:45 and 21:30 every evening.

How much does it cost to go kizkulesi ;

one way 5 TL , 2 € , 3$  per person.


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29 Mayıs Salı, 2012
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florian stein
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maiden's tower istanbul
restaurant in maiden's tower has a fantastic view and atmosphere but fooda must be improved can be better.

25 Mart Pazar, 2012
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Bryan Mckenzi
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kiz kulesi istanbul
kiz kulesi let you make a trip in history with a wonderfull atmosphere and view