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Galata tower

There is no certain evidence about the building time however It is asserted the galata tower was built in 507 during the reign of Justinianus in byzantine period.

*Galata tower was known as the tower of jesus christ by genoese and great tower by byzantium.

* The tower which can be seen today had been renovated , decorated and shaped by Geneoseans in 1348.

*Galata tower have been used for many different purposes in years;

*Tower was used as a jail for the workers in shipyard during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the magnificent.

*Galata tower was turned in to a observatory station by Takiyeddin efendi in the late 16th century however observatory was closed and tower had started to use as jail again.

* The first flight trials in world was done by Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi who jumped over the galata tower with wings he made. He flies with these wings from Galata tower to Uskudar district .

* Galata tower was used to deal with the fires occured in Istanbul 1717 by watching and warning the people nevertheless Tower itself could not escape from fires in 1794 and 1831.

* Sultan mahmut the second got repaired , added two more floors and covered the top of the tower with a conical shape.

What to do in Galata tower ?

Today Galata tower used only for tourism by a private company. A restaurant available at the top of the Galata tower offers an a dinner with unforgettable memories.

You can also go and take the lift by paying 5.5 tl to go top of tower to watch panaromic view of istanbul and bosphorous.

What is the height of galata tower ?

Height of Galata tower is 66.90 mt. External diametr is 16.45 mt , internal diamater is 8.95 mt. Thickness of the wall is 3.75 mt

How to go Galata Tower ?

Galata tower was located in karakoy district. If you are in taksim square ; walk through Istıklal street , pass from the tunnel and keep walking to Karakoy district there you will see Galata tower.

The only you think you need to do to go galata tower will be going Karakoy district , Buses , minibuses, tram and ferries are always available to go karakoy district

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alessandro volpato
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Galata restaurant
Restaurant in galata tower will make you live the best dinner ever with the stunning view of Istanbul city.

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istanbul photo points
Galata tower is a great spot to catch unbelieavable photos of Istanbul .