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 Blue mosque

Blue mosque located on historical peninsula and in the the square of Ahmet Sultan which name was derived from mosque itself.

Blue mosque name mostly known by foreigners as the Turkish people name the mosque as Sultan Ahmet .

The most significant and unique feature of the mosque having six minarets while the mosques mostly built with 4 minarets. Minarets can be easily observerd by everybody from the sea and around.

Only the Ottoman empire dynasy members had the privilege to get built mosques with minarets over two.

Mosque was built for the name of Sultan Ahmet the 16th Sultan of Ottoman empire. The name of blue mosque originated from the blue coloured ceramic tiles used to decorate and ornament the mosque.

Blue mosque was built with the aim of reaching the highness  and big size of hagia Sophia and Unique master piece Selimiye mosque however blue mosque `s  glory was not comparable neither hagia sophia nor the Selimiye mosque

  Entrance of the mosque is located by Hippodrome square (Atmeydani). A fountain is available at courtyard which is built for decoration and drinking water. Inner part of Mosque is fascinating with 21 thousand 43 pieces of blue tiles ornamentation.

Black flag stands over the screened and elevated loge in the  mosque is symbolizing the  caliphate taken after the Sultan selim`s victory in egypt .

Complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque covers a wide area. Hunkar kasri ( small palace of sultan) which is used a carpet and rug museum , mosaic museum , tombs of sultan ahmet the first , Mustafa the second ,murat the forth are situated in this area.


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27 Ekim Cumartesi, 2012
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Kelyanna Conway
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Istanbul places o see
Blue mosque is the one of the best place to visit in istanbul in order to live the peak of peace in an amazing architectural sacred building.

3 Mayıs Perşembe, 2012
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igor levin
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blue mosque istanbul
i have been travelling since years and seen many mosques in many different countries though sultanahmet mosque both inside and outside has a fascinating design and look . You will be dazzled by the first sight of Blue mosque istanbul

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