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 Basilica cistern ( yerebatan sarayı ) also known as sunken palace or cistern got built in 542 by byzantine emperor , justinanus the first ( 527-565)  in purpose of supplying water to Great palace .

* The glorious marble columns rising in the water resembles a palace structure so the cistern also called as sunken palace.

* The Ilius basilica located in a short distance to cistern let people think cistern is also a basilica.

* Sunken cistern is a huge structure covering an area of 9800 m2. 336 columns with height of 9 mt each. Columns are placed with a regular span and an order. There are 12 row available each row formed from 28 columns.

*The glory and atmosphere of the structure grips you from the first moment of your visit.

* There are 2 medusa head shaped carved  stones used as pedestals  are quiet interesting with it is design and mythical story telling the eyes of medusa has a power to turn people who stares her eyes into stone.

 Basilica cistern was repaired and restored several times during the Ottoman`s period. Since 1987 cistern is used as a tourist attraction and travelling place.

 Cistern is always included in general tours made in Istanbul. Basilica cistern have been visited by many world wide famous people among these people we can count ,  Bill Clinton , president of Holland Wim kok , Sweden past presiden Goran persson and so on.

 How to go Basilica cistern?

Cistern is located in the area where blue mosque and hagia sophia are situated ( Sultan ahmet square ) You can reach this historical touristic area by using a tram from european side of Istanbul.


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how much is the fee for palace cistern istanbul
entrance fee is 10TL ,7 dollars or 5 euros to visit this fascinating cistern. Cistern is opened between 9.00-17.30 can be visited everyday.