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Istanbul’s history dates back to 300.000 years ago with basic settlements , urban settlements , urbanizing and urban development was started 3000 years ago and history of Istanbul  serving as  a capital town dates back to 1600 years ago. Istanbul is a metropolis situated at the junction of Asia and Europe continents had hosted many different civilizations , cultures and city achieved to  protect its  cosmopolitical and metropolit frame formed by various religions, languages and races in ages.


Istanbul which have been a center , capital town  and a leading city exceptionaly survived for ages is a capital city of world.


We can categorize the history of Istanbul in 5 outlines ; Pre historic period , Byzantion period ,Period of Constantinople , period of Ottoman empire and Istanbul period.


Pre historic period of Istanbul city ( 3000 B.C – 667 B.C )


During the excavations made in Yarimburgaz cave located by kucukcekmece lake first marks of the humanlife  was detected.

Megaran people are accepted  as the first settlers and inhabitants in Istanbul area. Megarans settled the area which is kadikoy today and named their settlement Chalcedon.

According to a myth 40 greeks  who were settled the Halic ( Golden horn ) and Chalcedon on the way to  Batum are also the one of the first settlers in Istanbul area.


Byzantion Period of Istanbul   (M.Ö 667-M.S. 330)


*An antique Greek city state  which was founded with the name of Byzantion had become a powerfull state in the area though The biggest empire of the world roman empire started to dominate and Latinize the Byzantion . City later on was called as Byzantium became one of the most important city  of the Roman empire .


*Byzantion city was founded by Megarans in 667 B.C is the roots of  current Istanbul city.

* Byzantion had survived as a city state for a long period

* Byzantion was captured and dominated by Spartan Pausanians for 2 years in 478 B.C

* Spartans were not wanted by Byzantion community just stayed 2 years in Byzantion.

* Democracy regime was accepted and applied in Byzantion after Spartans .

* Byzantion became an important power with the improvements and developments in the city.

Byzantion and Roman  empire period ( 196 B.C – 1st century A.D)

*Byzantion ruled by roman empire after 196 B.C

* Byzantion included to Roman empire with an independence announcament made by Roman empire Septimius Severus

* Byzantion was latinized by roman empire to make city more loyal  during the emperor of Vespasianus

* Name of the city changed to Byzantium in Latin language

* City was  named As Augusta Antonina to the honour of son of Septimius Severus. In the 3rd century city used Augusta Antonina name

* Byzantion becam the capital of Roman empire during the reign of Constantin the first (great)



period of Constantinople and Byzantium empire ( 330- 1453 )


Istanbul starts to known as the city of Constantine ( constantinople ) and makes the capital town of both Roman empire and Byzantium empire. Constantinople  becomes the capital town and center of power for 1000 years in anatolia and middle east.


 *Byzantion upon the wish of constantine the great became the capitl town of Roman empire as ( Nova Roma )

* City started to call as constantinople after the emperors dead.

* Constantinople beccame the capital town of the Byzantine empire ( eastern rome empire )in 395 after the seperation of Glorious roman empire.

* Constantinople was the most glorious and richest city of the medieval era

*Constantinople was invaded by latins between 1204 – 1261 and City became the capital of Latins.

* After a short period of latins domination. City became the capital of byzantine until the ottomans .


Konstantiniyye and Ottoman empire period ( 1453 – 1922 )

Istanbul becomes the capital town of a world wide empire having soils in tree different continents for 400 years long.


*Ottoman period starts with the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmet the second in 1453

* City was called konstantiniyye by muslims . Greeks named the city εις τήν Πόλι(ν) ( ee steen boule) , Russians know the city as Czarigrad which means the city of czar City mostly called like Stambul in Balcanian land.

*The ottoman empire period was ended in 1923


Period of Republic of Turkey


*Istanbul had lost the characteristic of being a capital town with the announcement of new capital town Ankara in october 13 1923.


*Konstantiniyye and Constantinople names  repealed and city named officialy Istanbul in 28 march of 1930



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