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 Virgin Mary`s house  , church of  Saint Mary the Virgin

The shrine located  at the top of nightingale mountain is a place  believed where virgin mary lived and died.  Besides christians shrine also accepted divine by muslims and got visited. House and shrine  is a kind of pilgrimage area for the christians so popularly visited by christians. Information boards in various boards are available to give a detailed info about the place. It is thought that tha shrine had named as virgin mary after the  ecumenical council of the early Christian Church, held in 431 at the Church of Mary in Ephesus.

The story about how the virgin mary`s house was founded is also very interesting and mystical.

A woman called Catherine Emerich who never left from the district where she lived all her life had described and  told the position of house upon a dream she had. A group in the leadership of Henry Jung comes to Selcuk and searches for the place as catherine emerich described. Amazingly a deserted monastery in bulbul mountain hundred percent fits her description. Vatican also confirmed and announced the place as a pilgrimage area for christians.

Orthodox christians still believe virgin mary is in Jerusalem however the popularity of virgin mar`s house increased by visits of pope Jean paul and many other important people from Vatikan.

Shrine of  Saint Mary the Virgin is opened for worshipping everyday at 7.30 and 10.30 a.m on Sundays.

The spring water  passing through under the pink marbles of the house can be drunken from taps located on the way under the house.

Trees and  bushes around water taps are used for wishing. You can make a wish by tieing a hankerchief or napkin to these trees.

How  to go virgin mary`s house ?

 it is located on the top of the Bulbul mountain in Selcuk district of izmir. It is in a distance of an hour to izmir and thirty minutes to kusadasi. Ephesus antique city is situated at the foot of same mountain where virgin mary`s house is also located.  If you follow the road after the entrance gate of ephesus you will reach the house in ten minutes.


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12 Kasım Pazartesi, 2012
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Rodrigo Palacio
Message :
holy house of virgin mary in Turkey kusadasi
i had no idea that the virgin mary's house in turkey untill i visited kusadasi for my holiday. i was looking for some places to visit around kusadasi and i came across with the info about this holy place. it is just 25 minutes drive away from kusadasi and must be visited by every christian who comes Turkey. place itself is peacefull and touchy for christians.

13 Haziran Çarşamba, 2012
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greg panzer
Message :
virgin mary's house kusadasi
visiting the virgin mary's house is something more than pilgrimage it is a blessing and divinity. You feel real relaxed and peacefull. Every christian in world should go and visit this sacred place.

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