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Ephesus  was an important ancient greek site  located on the western anatolian coasts  as became a popular city in roman empire period. Ephesus was one of the city among twelve other Ionian sites.

Excavations made in Ephesus and found items prove us the history of ephesus dates back to neolithic age.

Ephesus seaport   population was increased by the immigrants came from Greece in 1050 B.C.  Ephesus was relocated around Artemis temple  in 560 B.C.  Ephesus city visited by millions today was founded by the  Lysimachus  the general of Alexander the great in 300s B.C. City was built according to Grid plan by Hippadomus type of city plan in which streets run at right angles to each other, forming a grid .

Ephesus became the capital town of the asian province of Roman empire during the reign of emperor augustus. Popularity of the ephesus  was at the top in this time and population reaching the 200.000 people even in that period shows the development of the city. Many Statues  , monuments , buildings , houses , Roman baths , master pieces were built in this glorious period.

Ephesus started to lose its popularity due to silts filling the port  in 4th century A.D. Ephesus stay more inland far from the sea due to the natural formations so port of ephesus city which is the heart of trading  stops and importance of the city decreases year by year. Ephesus relocated and founded to the place ( ayasaluk hill )  where the city first was founded during the byzantium period. After the collapse of Byzantium empire Ottomans reigned and ruled the city for a long time. Today a district of Izmir city which is called as Selcuk situated in the area with 30.000 population.

Ephesus city together with Miletus city had raised many important and famous people in Science , culture , literature etc.

Ephesus remnants and finds expanded to a very wide area of 8 km while the city was relocated many times in past. Ephesus city and  the findings visited by 2 million people every year.

Important structures , monuments and places to see during the visit of Ephesus are;

Artemis temple                           Celcius Library                  Prytaneion

Virgin Mary`s house                    Odeion                             The Pollio Fountain

Temple of Domitian                     The Gate of Heracles          Curetes Street

Trajan Fountain                          Temple of Hadrian               Latriana

Hillside Houses                            Marble Street                    Ephesus Theatre

Basilica of St. John                     Isa bey Mosque

Besides Cultural and historical importance of the Ephesus , city is also very important for christinatiy ;

the letter from Ephesus 1 Corinthians was written by Paul between53 and 57 AD. 

Gospel of John might have been written in Ephesus, c 90–100.[

Ephesus was also one of the seven cities addressed in Revelation (Revelation 2:1–7), indicating that the church at Ephesus was strong.

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1 Şubat Cuma, 2013
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Molly Haugh
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when to go ephesus?
summer is the. worst period the ephesus temperatures hit the top with marbles that double the heat. april would most likely will be rainy to stop you walk freely in ephesus , the period from mid sep till mid october is the best time tovisit ephesus

23 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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ephesus city
ephesus is the symbol of very much developed civilizations which lived thousands of years ago from now. when you get ephesus and take a tour in the city you will be surprised by the technology and the architectural miracle applied in structures.

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