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 Sirince Village


Sirince is a village which has been able to protect its cultural and historical structures from past. Sirince is a village of Selcuk district of Izmir city can be reached by kusadasi in 30 minutes.


The original name of the village was Kirkinca , in years kirkinca name changed and turned to Cirkince meaning ( ugly ) in Turkish. Village adopted the Sirince (pretty ) name, which is still used today, by the decision of Izmir Governor in the 1920s.


People from Ephesus was escaping from the numerous mosquitos to sirince village and live here in summers.


According to a belief about establishment of the sirince village ;  People living in  and around Ephesus was looking for a better living area while their land was filled with silt and became an unbearable place to live,  so after the efforts of looking for a new home, they found a place over the mountain far from dangers and they decided to settle down  there. These people who started to live in here are the real creators of this pretty village.


Sirince later on  became a  village formed from 1800 greek family  inhabitants in 19th century directed by ottoman empire .


When the greek army came to Turkey to invade in 1919, people from sirince village voluntarily joined the Greek army and fight against Turks nevertheless with the independence war of Turkey in 1922 izmir saved from Greeks and the Greek families live in Sirince had to exchange their homes with Turkish people living in Greece. Turkish people who came to Sirince village did not really like the place they started to live . Therefore they broke down the greek houses and built new houses with rubbles near by selcuk district, kusadasi and in izmir .


Among 1800 Greek houses today only  180 houses have left and still inhabited.


How to go sirince ?

Sirince is 28 km far from kusadasi 11 to Ephesus antique city and 8 km to selcuk districts easy to reach by car from izmir and kusadasi. Just a few  minibus services are available to village from Selcuk district.


Tours organized for daily visit to sirince is also a popular way to go to Village.


What to do in sirince Village?


You can visit the church in the village and make a wish by throwing money to wishing well.

You can ride a horse  of the villagers. Buy some local foods and goods produced in sirince village such as ; olive oil , wine , vegetables , honey etc.


Sirince is also very well known with it is wines with different flavors. I can recommend you to buy cranberry and cherry flavored wines from Sirince village.

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21 Aralık Cuma, 2012
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Irene Esser
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Apocalypse of Mayans
Sirince is the most popular destination in Turkey since the last several months because of the Mayan prophecies It is rumoured that the Sirince village will not be effected from the Apocalypse in 21.12.2012

21 Mart Çarşamba, 2012
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samantha rae
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sirince tours
sirince tours cost vary from 30 to 60 turkish liras depending on the services given in the tour. if you just one a basic tour without lunch 30 turkish liras almost 15 euros will be enough for each person to visit sirince village. private tours from kusadasi to sirince with a licensed guide is around 30 euros each person . how much ever you pay to go sirince is worth value