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   Aspendos located 8 km far from the serik district of Antalya  was founded 10th century B.C by achadians. Strabon says that the city was founded by agrusians . Aspendos was an important site with it’s location and mostly wanted by  powerfull civilizations to use for.

The most important and famous structure from aspendos is the theater. Aspendos theater is the best and well preserved  one among any other similar open air theaters. It is only the one roman style theater which preserved it is  scene part untill today in anatolia.

Xenon , son of Theodorus from Aspendos  is the architect of theater.  It was built between (138-164) and at the end theater was presented to gods and emperor.

Aspendos is visited by thousands of visitors every year and it was used as an activity and concert hall untill a few years ago.

An epic story for the creation of this glorious structure mentions that the king of Aspendos claimed that he is going to marry  his beautiful daughter to the man who will build or create the most amazing. Many structures , buildings and art pieces were created , however there were 2 among all fascinating everybody.  Cit walls and theater.  King decided to give his daughter to the builder of citywalls however he changed his mind after hearing her daughters whispering from the top of the theater when he was exploring the theater. This story shows how acoustic of the theater was succesfully and effectively arranged. A coin dropped on scene part can be heard anywhere in theater.

How to get Aspendos

Aspendos is located in belkis district on the way from serik to manavgat .

What to eat in Aspendos

Belkıs Restoran Tel: (0242) 735 70 73

 Belkis restaurant with the view of Aspendos offers a good lunch and dinner  .


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9 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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piers morgan
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collesium of turkey
aspendos thater is a glorious structure and an architectural miracle like the pyramids in egypt and collesium in italy. gladiator games played in aspendos theater centuries ago were real bloody shows to amuse suffering people.

30 Mart Cuma, 2012
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marina khan
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aspendos theater antalya
By chance i was able to watch a concert in aspendos. Concert arranged in aspendos takes a great part in memory for a life. Performences made by bare tongues no microphone was amazing.