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   Olympos situated to the western part of Antalya is a port city founded during the hellenistic period.

Olympos is one of the important port sites of the lycian civilization in time was subjected to epic mythological stories. The most famous story related to Olympos is the story of Bellerophontes.

Olympos is in a limited number of beaches where caretta caretta turtles coming to ley their eggs so the set a fire on beach is strictly prohibited. Egg nests are protected by steel cages.

Olympos was one of the site having 3 vote rights among six others in Lycian civilization.

Olympos settlement spreaded around of the river dividing  the city.The highest point of hill above rombs which also ca be seen from the beach is th acropol of the olympos site. If you go up to acropol you will have a chance to watch beautiful countryside and venecianlike flowing river. River was turned to a canal by the walls built to the flanks and two lands were connected by the bridge which we can only see the remnants today.

Remnants from the Hamam ( bath) of the city can be seen on the opposite site of river and to reach there you must walk on stones situated on  river. Theater of olympos also found in this part and can be visited after hamam.

Concretion was prohibited in and around olympos so accommodations are made in tree houses.

Olympos mount is also a very important destination for the ones who is interested in Trekking and mountaineering

What to eat in Olympos ?

Foods are very delicious and various in all tree houses . On the coast of olympos and Cirali simple restaurants and fast food cafes are options

Sahil resaturant and Hobbit house is the recommended places for the sea foods

How to get olympos?

Olympos located between Kemer and Adrasan . You must drive from Kemer do the direction of kumluca roughly after 70 km from kumluca you will get to Ulupinar right after the ulupinar a crossroad with direction board  will be showing the road to Olympos.

In summers regular buses are available to olympos from antalya , kemer , kas districts.

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1 Şubat Cuma, 2013
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Trisha Garza
Message :
how to go olympos from antalya ?
first of all you need to go antalya intercity bus station then catch the bus of bati antalya tur that departs every 30 minutes untill 8;00 p.m from, tell the driver to stop on the olympos junction and warn you to get off there. once you r there you will see the mini buses going through olympos just catch one of them and after a 20 min. drive you will be in olympos

23 Ekim Salı, 2012
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craig thomson
Message :
Where to stay in olympos Turkey
numerous bungalows and wooden made small hotels can be seen anywhere you step in olympos so there is even no need to book a place in advance as it is not going to be a big deal to stay in a standart small hotel. Among these hotels Kadir`s tree houses and Turkmen tree houses distinguish from others with good prices and good quality service and rooms.

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