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Kekova is an island lyes across the simena at full length gives the name to area.

Sunken city  is worth to see near the kekova island ; street and building remnants under the sea can be even seen from outside. It is supposed that the city was harmed and sunked in sea. If you like snorkelling this part of kekova will make you live a memorable  experience.  Yet  no excavations done in kekova still many attractions are waiting to come surface

A bay called dock yard in western part of kekova island is commonly visited by boat trips as a stop point for swimming.  Blue cave is also another stop point during the trips as boats are able to go in to cave , reflections of sunshines create colourfull views.

How to get kekova ?

If you are in a blue voyage you can easily get to kekova  and anchor your yacht in safe conditions. To get kekova you nee d to rent a boat or join a boat trip from kas , kale or antalya as there is no road to reach this island.

Ucagiz ;is a wonder of nature located very near to simena can be reached by turning  to direction of kekova sign board  between fethiye and kas road.

Ucagiz is an area where nature , culture and modern life harmonized. Aperlai , simena , Apollania , tyberissos ancient sites are found in ucagiz and around to visit.  Aperlai, Simena, Apollonia ve isinda was  getting together and being a commune to represent area in Lycian union.

recommended  restaurants and hotels in kekova and around

hotels in kekova                                                      restaurants in kekova

house of telemen                                                    Palmiye

Hoyran Wedre 4 km away from kekova                        Hassan Restaurant

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