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  Belcekiz suddenly appears with stunning view after a 14 km drive from a rugged road from Fethiye city center. The first scenery  you will see is the bay of Belcekiz. If you keep walking  from this beach you will see one of a kind , unique Oludeniz.  Oludeniz having a  3 km long beach is described as the gift of god to world from heaven.  You will have a chance to swim in a sea formed with harmonious colours . Oludeniz is a sea with warm sea temperatures all year around.  Stagnant sea had given the name to this unbelievable natural formation as oludeniz meaning dead sea in Turkish language.  Seaweeds are not grown in the  base of the sea covered by  white sand .  White sands in the deep of the water  reflects the sunshines and creates a lively turqouise colour.  This pleasant colour enriches by the shadows of the pine trees surrounding around.

Babadag meaning the mount Father in Turkish rises just behind the Oludeniz is a world heritage with it is rich flora . Paragliding from Babadag is the most popular thing to do in Fethiye and oludeniz region.  Suitable flying and landing conditions of area attracts thousands to get this unique land.

To get Oludeniz you can catch a taxi or minibus from Fethiye. Taxi costs 40 to 50 lira and minibus 3 to 5 Turkish lira each person.

If you want to try the extreme flying over a stunning view ; you need to pay 100 euros.  Paragliding tours are arranged by local agencies in oludeniz and Fethiye . Jeeps are carrying you to the top of the Babadag mountain ad after a training you are trying an extre experience with a  trainer.

Many hotels , pensions ,bars and restaurants are available in oludeniz to make your holiday more amazing.

Hisaronu which is very close to oludeniz is also very popular with its nightlife.

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20 Şubat Çarşamba, 2013
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Natlie Amaro
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Taxi prices from oludeniz to Hisaronu
if you are staying in hisaronu and wanna go for a night to oludeniz on the way back you will need a taxi that cost mostly 25-30 Tl.

12 Şubat Salı, 2013
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Mikayla Penna
Message :
exchange money in oludeniz
exchange offices in oludeniz ripping off the tourists. If you really need to change money in oludeniz just change a small amount to save the day and try to change big amounts in fethiye from bank offices.

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