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Just three kilometers away Gumbet is a resort heaven of Bodrum. Gumbet has a long beach that extends around the bay. At the heighest season of the summer Gumbet nights are  live  and very popular with musics , dancers , laser and fire shows . Numerous disco bars pound out every type of over amplified music , each playing to attract passing tourists.

The crowded streets are host to dozens od restaurants each offering every type of international dish from indian curry to mexican re fried beans and chinese chow mien to italian pizzas and even good old british fish and chips from the same kitchen

A few 5 stars resorts have joined the ranks of hotels and pensions in the area . Among them fuga is an unexpected reprieve from downtown Gumbet `s dizzying array of merchandise on display and vacationers in t shirts and bikini bottoms. 

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13 Şubat Çarşamba, 2013
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Eden Maizel
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Sea Temperature in July in Bodrum
the sea temperatures are getting quiet warmer after mid of may so in july sea temperatures will be very pleasant and weather in bodrum region roughly will be over 35 C. Sunbeds can be extra charged depending on the place you will choose general price for a sunbed and parasol is 15 Tl

10 Şubat Pazar, 2013
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Taylor Moss
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is gumbet a nice place for the families with children?
Gumbet is to be honest a great holiday spot for the youngsters and couples looking for parties but not for the older ones with toddlers and children. Bitez located only few km away from there is the best place in bodrum for families looking for a relaxing holiday

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