Pisidia is an ancient region which comprises a large aree including Isparta, Afyon, Burdur, Antalya and some part of Konya cities.  


** Today the region called as region of Lakes in Turkey since there are tens of small and large lakes which mostly formed by volcanic , techtonic and karstic movements ; Egirdir, beysehir, sugla,burdur, kestel are only a few of these lakes.


** Lakes and mountains of the region had effected the location of settlements.


** Local people of Pisidia were able to live in remote places on the steep mountains farf rom the main roads which allow them to protect their local culture for centuries.


** Baradis, Suberde, Erbaba , Hacilar  are the  important places that help to illuminate history of early humans with the remnants excavated.


** Selge , Segalassos, Pednelissos , Adada , Tymbriada , Kremna , Amblada , Anabura , Termessos arethe cities that mentioned in the famous encyclopedia of Strabo in “Geographika”


** Lack of written sources for  Pisidia region make difficult to give detailed information about their history.  .


** Termessos is the firmest historical site belonging to Pisidia that located over Gulluk mountain in 1050 mt height.

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