Pontus or Pontos ( Greeks and Latins) is an ancient region that covers the middle and eastern Black sea region.

** Pontus used to known as the “Pontus of Cappadocia”  however the name of the region remained only “Pontus” afterwards.

** According to Strabo ; Khalybies, Tibarens, Mossynoikaias, Macrons were the tribes of Pontus.C halybes tribes earned an important reputation with the trade of iron ore in 5th century B.C

** Mithridates the first who is originally a Persian, founded and set free the  Pontus state.

**  Mithridates declared the  Amaseia  city as the Capital town of Pontus Region.

** Pontus adopted the ruling system of Persian Kingdom.

** Phrygian region was become a part of  Pontus region upon the marriage of Mithridates the second with sister of seleukos, 

** Mithridates 3rd succeeded to protect the Pontus land from invasions and battles occurring in Anatolia.

** All these succesfull  moves increased the power of Pontus and expanded the sovereignty.

** Sinope was conquered and became a  part of Pontus.

** Greek colonies participated the Pontus.

** Mithridates the 5th also  extended the Pontus until the borders of Paphlagonia , galathia and Cappadocia.

** Mithridates the 6th had succeeded to reach the largest expansion of Pontus soils. Crimea also joined the Pontus.

** When the expansion of Pontus started to become a threat against Roman empire . Romans carry on a war in which they took the reign over Pontus.

** After this battle states and provinces in Anatolia re-arranged.

** “Pontus Galaticus”  was founded in west and in east Pontus became a part ofG alathia-cappadocia.

Many sites were developed and became a lively agriculture and trade center ; 

Amaseia ( amasya)  ,                                  Amisos ( samsun )

Sinope(sinop)                                               kaberia( niksar)

Trapezes ( Trabzon)                                    Zela ( zile)

Pantikapiion ( kerc)                                     Pompeipolis ( taskopru)

** Rock tombs that belong to the Pontus Kings were carved and built in Amasya.

**  18  rock tombs with unique architecture, can be seen today in Amasya


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