An Ancient region that situated in Today’s Sinop, Cankiri and Kastamonu province.

** Paphlagonia divided into 2 different parts in view of its geographicalconditions;   “Coastal” and “inland” parts.

** The earliest people who lived in the Paphlagonia were known as ` Pala `. 
 ** Pylaimenes who took a part in the Trojan war was mentioned in the “Iliadof Homer” thus all the Princes of Paphlagonia were used to called as Pylaimenes.

** Kyotoros , sesamos , kromna , aigialos , eriythinoi are the Paphlagoniancities that mentioned in Iliad of Homer

** Paphlagonia was an independent and autonomous region that was  ruled by hittites , phrygians, lydians,persians, Romans and   Turks.

** The Paphlagonia name  was erased from the History during theSeldjukians period and region  wasstarted  called as Cobanoglu principleand candaroglu principle. 

Important cities of Paphlagonia were ; Amastris , sinope, gangra ( cankiri ) , Amnias


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