Galatia is an ancient region that  located between Sakarya and Halysrivers.

** Galatians unlike the other immigrating communities are the first ones immigrated from western side to the east.

** Galatians were called from Europe in order to help the bythnians in their revolt.

**  They were a Celtic tribe which supporting the Bithynia king Nikomedes

** Galatians were ad isaster for Anatolia. They looted, plumbered and devastated many  greeks tates  in 3rd century B.C.

** After the Galatians started to be ruled by Romans they lost their European culture and  adopted the culture of Anatolia and assimiliated.

** Galathians had made a secret treaty with the Seleucans which caused to end their existence. When Roman empire was aware of  the agreements between  Galathians and Seleucans, they destroyed and devastated Galathians.

** A very small part of Galatians which survived joined the Paplagonia region and they were Christianized in 1 century A.D

** Polatli,Basrikale, hisarlikaya, dikmenkale, canakci, hisartepe are the places to visitto see the remnants belonging to Galathians.

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galatia name resembles the word of galatasaray a popular football team in turkey.