Thracia ( thrace )            

Thracia in ancient times was the area  surrounded  from black sea at eastern part,  vardar (aixos ) river  at western part,  danube at northern part and aegean sea at southern part.  The thrace of turkey today  covers  the edirne , tekirdag,  european part of istanbul  and  Gelibolu peninsula from Canakkale city .
Districts name was derived from indo-european thracians.   Folks  of Thrace living in balcanians and rhodopes were  primitive and warrior  as the  thracian people from aegean and marmara costs were peacefull and  cool.
Thracians were very good warriors  but they weren’t able to found  a strong political empire. They had lived  for centuries in tribe culture. It’s known that the thracians were supplying slaves and mercenaries  to  Greece.  They took part in roman army as mercenaries as well.
Greeks colonized the aegean sea costs of Thrace  in 7 century B.C .  Later Persian empire darius dominated the thrace in 512 B.C. Macedonians and roman empire reigned the thrace land  afterwards.  Thrace  became very important as the positioning a natural border between darube  and Istanbul.
Bulgarian empire was founded in 7th century and Bulgarians started to attack thrace . Roman empire konstantinos the 6th formed the thracian thema of byzantium to protect the Istanbul city from invasions of Bulgarians.
Thrace was ruled by turks after the conquest  to Gelibolu in 1354. Thrace was named as Rumeli by Turks.

Thracia has a world wide reputation with its great warriors among these wariors Spartacus is the most prominent one
Spartacus was a Thracian enslaved by the Romans, who led a large slave uprising in Southern Italy in 73–71 BC. Before being defeated, his army of escaped gladiators and slaves defeated several Roman legions in what is known as the Third Servile War.

Today there is a serial broadcasting the story of Spartacus Blood and sand attracts millions of audiences .  Blood and sand Spartacus made this great warrior quite popular in nowadays 
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spartacus the thracian
the series of spartacus blood and sand made us feel symphaty to this ancient civilization.